Regional Arts

Tasmanian Regional Arts Logo/type

The Brief:
Update the Tasmanian Regional Arts logotype to appeal to a younger demographic for years to come without alienating the current clients / members. The design should be bold, elegant, use red, ideally be typographical, cheap to produce in print / vinyl and incorporate the current logo’s dancer ribbon if appropriate.

The Design:
With black Letter Gothic Standard and a red highlight on “arts” to visually tie the red of the logo to the red in the type, the design keeps things simple and elegant. As most material to be printed on is white already, costs to print a design with a white background are in stark contrast to multi-coloured approaches. The trim forms of Letter Gothic Standard further compliment the white background and boldness of the red logo.

The logo slopes up towards the peak of the text creating a visual flow with balance alone while the slender dancer’s ribbon peeks through the abstracted shape within, staying faithful to the previous design.