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LTVTA Mock-up

LTVTA Web Design

Launceston Tamar Valley Tourism Association

Students were given the opportunity to create a design for the new corporate website for the LTVTA. Students presented their designs to the LTVTA board and members at their last meeting.


SCBOOT Project

Sea Charter Boat Operators of Tasmania

Students were given the challenge to undertake a complete redesign of the Sea Charter Boat Operators of Tasmania (SCBOOT) website. This design by one of our Diploma students’ (Beau) was chosen as the preferred design.

Reptile Rescue

Reptile Rescue App

Reptile Rescue –  Snake Safety Mobile Device Native App.

Reptile Rescue AppMobile Device App This project involved both the Diploma of Graphic Design and the Diploma of Interactive Digital Media students in the design and development of a mobile device app focusing on procedures of what to do if bitten by a snake.

All participating students were challenged with creating a design that would be suitable and functional for the screen limitations of current mobile devices. Each individual student was then given the opportunity to individually present their designs to the representatives from Reptile Rescue. From this presentation four individual designs were chosen to develop further.

The Interactive Digital Media students were then challenged to take the four chosen designs to develop into a fully functional native app. Students then individually presented their functioning apps to representatives from Reptile Rescue. From this presentation two apps were chosen, one for the design and layout, and the other for some unique functions.

The two apps were then finally merged into one which is shown in the image to the right.

Google Play App Store



TasTAFE Mobile App

Certificate IV in Interactive Digital Media students were involved in a project that focused on developing a mobile app for both current and prospective TasTAFE students.

The app is designed to assist both potential and current students in locating a variety of information about undertaking a qualification at TasTAFE.

New wave Kitchen Appliances

Kira Atto Diploma 2014

Newwave Kitchen Appliances Mobile App project

Kira Atto one of our 2014 Diploma of Interactive Digital Media students has developed a mobile app for New Wave Kitchen Appliances. This app is designed  to showcase recipes that can be created using four appliances, a Pizza Oven, ThermoChef, Induction Cook-Top and a MultiCooker.

New Wave Kitchen Appliances is a FREE app and is designed to make it easy to find recipes for the whole family using the latest New Wave Kitchen products.

The project involved the student meeting with the company via Skype (the company is located in Melbourne) to discuss a range of options, and to finally gain approval for the app’s functionality and design.

App Store Google Play